Are Ursa Major Products Sold In China?

Quick Answer: Is Ursa Major Cruelty-Free and Vegan?

Yes, Ursa Major is cruelty-free, as they do not test their products on animals. However, their products are not 100% vegan, as some of them contain animal-derived ingredients. Ursa Major products are not available in the People’s Republic of China, where animal testing is required by the law.

Ursa Major is a cosmetics company that offers gender-neutral skincare products. The company has its headquarters at One Stowe Street, 2nd Floor, Waterbury, VT 05676.

It is a private, independent company that was founded in 2009. Ursa Major was founded by Oliver Sweatman and Emily Doyle, and it has about 21 employees.

Our readers have been recently asking if Ursa Major is cruelty-free and vegan. We dug deeper, researched, and analyzed the brand and its products to determine their cruelty-free status.

After thorough research, we came to a conclusion. Is Ursa Major cruelty-free and vegan? Keep reading to find out more.

Is Ursa Major Cruelty-Free?

Yes, Ursa Major is cruelty-free. They do not test their products on animals. For a company to be considered cruelty-free, there are certain criteria it must first meet.

We have listed those criteria below, and we will analyze them one by one.

  • The company’s products should not be tested on animals at any point, even if the law requires them to.
  • The company’s products should not be available in stores in China.

Are Ursa Major Products Tested On Animals?

No, they are not tested on animals.

Source: Ursa Website

Ursa Major’s products are all cruelty-free, and they claim they will never test on animals even in the future. The company is even recognized by Leaping Bunny, which is an animal rights organization.

Ursa Major is all about making healthy options available through natural sources.

Source: Leaping Bunny Website

Does Ursa Major Test Their Products On Animals When the Law Requires Them To?

No, Ursa Major does not allow third parties to test their products on animals on their behalf.

If a regulatory body or a particular country’s law requires them to test their products on animals, Ursa Major will not sell in that country.

Are Ursa Major Products Sold In China?

No, their products are not available in stores in China.

The reason for this is that the People’s Republic of China requires all foreign cosmetics to be tested on animals by the Chinese authorities before being allowed into the country.

This is done to make sure the products are safe for human use. There are other methods of testing these products, and cosmetic companies that sell their products in China are not deemed to be cruelty-free.

Does Ursa Major Have Cruelty-Free Certifications?

Yes, Ursa Major is certified by the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics.

This coalition consists of 8 animal rights organizations that banded together to make finding cruelty-free products easy for cruelty-free shoppers.

The CCIC has a standardized and globally recognized Leaping Bunny logo. This logo can be found on animal-friendly products, and Ursa Major is recognized by Leaping Bunny.

Source: Leaping Bunny Website

Is Ursa Major Owned By Another Company?

No, Ursa Major is an independent company that is owned by Oliver Sweatman and Emily Doyle. Their company does not test on animals.

The following is a response to an email when asked about being cruelty-free and animal testing policy.

Source: Theveganabroadblog Website

Is Ursa Major Vegan?

For a brand or a product to be termed as vegan, the ingredients used to make it have to be free from animal-derived ingredients.

If a product is vegan-friendly, it is also cruelty-free since using animal-derived ingredients in products is a form of animal cruelty.

Unfortunately, Ursa Major products are not 100% vegan. Some of their products contain animal-derived ingredients. Four of its products contain animal-derived ingredients (royal jelly extract, honey).

The following are some of the vegan options they offer:

  • Golden Hour Recovery Cream
  • Fantastic Face Wash
  • Sublime Sage Spray Deodorant
  • Ursa Major x Cotopaxi “Del Dia” Travel Kit
  • Brighten Up Vitamin C Serum
  • Go Easy Shampoo
  • Go Easy Conditioner
  • 4-in-1 Essential Face Tonic
  • Bright and Easy 3-Minute Flash Mask
  • Fortifying Face Balm
  • Essential Face Wipes
  • Force Field Daily Defense Lotion with SPF 18
  • Stellar Shave Cream
  • Perfect Zen Body Lotion
  • Citrus Riot Body Wash
  • Bestsellers Trial Kit
  • All-star Travel Kit
  • Let’s Go Shower Kit
  • Ursa Major Digital Gift Card
  • Stay Fresh Workout Bundle
  • In The Clear Skincare Bundle – For Oily Skin and Acne-prone Skin
  • Super Soother Skincare Bundle – For Redness, Irritation and Inflammation
  • Deo Trio


Ursa Major is a cosmetics company that sells body care and skincare products for men. The company does not test its products on animals. They also offer vegan options for their vegan customers.

Ursa Major products are not sold in China because of their harsh animal testing laws, but the brand is recognized by Leaping Bunny. Their products are available for shipping in Europe, Canada, the USA, Australia, and the UK.