Is Africa Organics Cruelty Free and Vegan?

Quick Answer: Is Africa Organics Cruelty Free and Vegan?

Africa Organics is a cruelty-free brand with PETA certification, it is also 100% vegan. Africa Organics does not test any of its products or ingredients on animals during manufacturing or distribution. The company doesn’t authorize any third-party testing; hence, they don’t sell their products in mainland China.

Africa Organics is one of the unique beauty brands into the production of skin care and hair care products. This brand’s ingredients are primarily based on African plants’ wild harvest.

With growing concerns on animal testing and protection, many concerned individuals are interested in the ingredients list and testing policy of various brands.

Africa Organics is a famous brand with strong claims on natural hair and body care products.

Now, is Africa Organics cruelty free and vegan? We have made an in-depth analysis of this brand and you will have your answer in this article.

Is Africa Organics Cruelty Free?

A brand that would be certified as cruelty free must meet up some essential criteria and standards, which we duly consider for Africa Organics.

  • Their products or any of its ingredients must not be tested on animals even when requested by law
  • Their products should not be sold in mainland China
  • They should not allow any third-party testing of their products or its ingredients on animals

Are Africa Organics Products Tested On Animals?

Africa Organics does not test any of its products, formulations, or ingredients on animals during manufacturing, development, and distribution.

Source: African Organics Website

Above is one of the official statements of Africa Organics on their animal testing policy. The company affirmed its cruelty free status with its various certifications.

Also, this brand has a claim that it does not purchase products from suppliers that test on animals.

Do they test Animals when required by law? Or use a third Party?

NO! Africa Organics does not test their product on animals even when requested by law.

Africa Organics maintains a firm stand against animal testing regardless of the law and this reason is why the company doesn’t sell its products in regions where animal testing is required before sales of beauty products.

Similarly, they don’t permit any form of third-party testing even by their ingredient suppliers. Africa Organics does not use any third-party to test its products on animals.

In fact, it does not purchase ingredients from suppliers that test on animals.

Are Africa Organics products sold in China?

Africa Organics does not sell its products in mainland China because animal testing is required by law in China.

Africa Organics does not test animals, and animal testing is essential for all imported body care products in China.

Does Africa Organics have Cruelty Free Accreditations Certifications?

Africa Organics has cruelty free certifications because it meets all standards and criteria.

Source: Peta Website

Africa Organics is certified by PETA BEAUTY WITHOUT BUNNIES. This certification means that this company does not test their products or ingredients on animals at any phase of their production processes.

Source: African Organics Website

Africa Organics has ECOCERT CERTIFICATION. This certification means that ingredients are from renewable sources, manufactured by environmentally friendly processes, and free from GMOs and synthetics.

Is Africa Organics Owned by Another Company?

Another company does not own Africa Organics. Africa Organics is an independent, self-made brand and does not operate as a subsidiary to any other brand.

Is Africa Organics Vegan?

Vegan products are products that do not contain any animal ingredients or animal-derived ingredients. Interestingly, all Africa Organics products are vegan.

None of its products include any animal-derived ingredients, materials, or by-products. Instead, Africa Organics depends on Africa’s wild plants as a primary source of ingredients and formulations.

Africa Organics has a vegan certification. The company is certified as vegan by the vegan society of South Africa.


Africa Organics is a cruelty free brand with PETA certification. The company neither tests its products on animals nor sells them in mainland China.

Likewise, the company is 100% vegan because it does not use any animal-derived ingredients, materials, or by-products.