Is All Heart Cruelty-Free and Vegan?

Quick Answer: Is All Heart Cruelty-Free and Vegan?

Yes, All Heart is a cruelty-free and vegan brand. They also don’t use any form of animal derivatives in their formulation, which makes them vegan. The brand also ensures the suppliers they source their raw materials from doesn’t carry out animal testing. All Heart is a business friend of PETA and features a seal from Leaping Bunny on their packaging.

All Heart is a beauty brand based in the US. The brand was founded in 2017 and specializes in the manufacture of nail polish. All their designs are formulated with the right ingredients.

Their amazing formulation sees them eliminate 8 commonly used harmful chemicals from their production line. The nail polish manufactured by All Heart is said to induce long-lasting effects.

Is All Heart Cruelty-Free?

Well, it’s difficult to doubt their cruelty-free claim because they’ve been certified by some cruelty-free authorities. However, before adding them to our database of cruelty-free brands, we tried to see how they compare with those on the list already.

From our comparison, we confirmed that All Heart doesn’t test on animals, and neither do they sell in countries with strict testing laws. They also don’t finance third party testing. All this makes them a deserving addition to our database.

Are All Heart products tested on animals?

All Heart claims not to carry out any form of animal testing on their products. They also don’t source from suppliers who test their materials on animals. To maintain the brand’s integrity, they steer clear of markets where compulsory testing is required.

Source: All Heart Website

The brand is a business friend of PETA and one of the few that recommits to Leaping Bunny annually.

Do they test animals when required by the law?

Most brands who sell in Europe are not compelled to carry out compulsory animal tests on their products. This is because they adopt alternative non-animal testing that doesn’t pose any risk to animals. Mostly they use human volunteers, which serve as a first-hand review of their products.

In China, human volunteers are not the primary testing method. They prefer that the final products will be tested on animals. This confirms why brands such as L’Oreal, Estee Lauder, and the like who sell in the country are considered as not cruelty-free.

Are All Heart products sold in China?

All Heart does not distribute to China, and they also don’t have a physical store in the city where their proucts are listed for sale. This could partly be because of the strict testing law in the country, which compels every foreign brand that sells in the country to submit their product for testing before they’re approved for sale.

Does All Heart have cruelty free certifications?

All Heart self promotes as a cruelty-free brand and has lent a helping hand in the fight against animal cruelty. Well, this won’t have been possible if they’re not leading by example. Fortunately, the brand is certified by PETA as well as Leaping Bunny.

They’re PETA’s business friend and happened to feature on the Leaping Bunny recommitment list of 2020. This shows that they do renew their pledge year after year.

Source: Peta Website
Source: Leaping Bunny Website

Is All Heart Owned by another company?

All Heart doesn’t have a parent company. The brand isn’t in any joint partnership, and they’ve not been acquired by any multinational corporations. It’s still a trademark of All Heart Cosmetics, which happens to be a limited liability company.

Is All Heart Products Vegan?

Most brands in the cosmetics industry are cruelty-free but not all are vegan. Only a handful of them retain such standards. Well, in the case of All Heart, the brand is 100% vegan as well. Their formulation is safe for consumers and neither do they use animal derivatives.

They use raw materials that produce the same effect as the animal-origin options. Also, their catalog doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals such as camphor and xylene. The chemicals used in the nail polishes aren’t harsh and, as such, won’t flake out.

Here’s a list of their vegan line:

  • Sunscreen
  • Full set
  • Quarantine queen
  • Holiday memories
  • Pink hope bundles
  • Build your own bubble
  • Blue without you
  • Bunnies Heart are made of gold
  • Galactic wonderland
  • Silver belles
  • Pink promise
  • Remember me
  • Mother’s love
  • Make a difference base coat
  • Act together top coat
  • She has a heart of gold
  • Rescue me
  • Hint of hope
  • Check yourself
  • Leaping Bunnifield
  • Love some bunny
  • Kids helping kids
  • For the love of grey
  • Check yourself
  • Compassion
  • Coonhound blue


All Heart products are vegan friendly. They also don’t contain some toxic chemicals seen in most nail polish. This all but confirms that their formulation is not only safe but produces long-lasting results.