Is Davidoff Cruelty-free and Vegan?

Quick Answer: Is Davidoff Cruelty-free and Vegan?

No, they are not cruelty-free; they test their products on animals. Their products are also not 100 percent vegan as they contain some animal-derived ingredients. According to PETA, their products are still subjected to animal tests. In countries where animal testing is compulsory, Davidoff gives the authorization to have their products tested on animals.

Davidoff is a Switzerland based company that is known for their fragrances. The founder Zino Davidoff was known for his fascinating travels and journeys.

He loved the simplicity and wanted to share happiness from the little things he did through his products. Davidoff’s products include timepieces, perfumes, eyewear, cognac, coffee, cufflinks, and leather goods.

Is Davidoff Cruelty-free?

No, Davidoff is not cruelty-free. A while back, consumers had no way of determining the cruelty-free status of a product.

All they could rely on was the company’s official statement, which was vague, inaccurate, or misleading. Luckily today, consumers are free from this problem as determining the cruelty-free status of products is easy.

To know if a brand is cruelty-free, you need to look into the brand to see if they meet specific criteria. The following are the mentioned criteria:

  • None of their ingredients, formulations, or final products are tested on animals
  • The ingredients used in their products should be free from animal-based sources
  • They do not allow third-parties and suppliers to test their products on animals for them
  • The company does not sell its products in stores in the People’s Republic of China
  • They do not sell in any country where the law demands animal testing

After thorough research and analysis of the brand and their products, we found out their products are not 100 percent vegan as they contain animal-derived ingredients.

They also sell their products in countries where animal testing is compulsory.

Are Davidoff products Tested on Animals?

According to PETA, Davidoff products are tested on animals.

If PETA recognizes them as not cruelty-free, it could mean they allow regulatory bodies or countries laws to test their products on animals so that they are allowed to sell in a particular country.

The company prioritizes high profits over the welfare of innocent animals who are tortured in the laboratories.

Source: Peta Website

Are Davidoff products sold in China?

Yes, Davidoff products are available in China. For a company to market its products in the People’s Republic of China, the Chinese authorities test their products on animals to ensure they are safe.

The Chinese laws also allow for post-market testing; this is where a product is taken off the shelf after being approved and re-tested on animals to ensure they are safe; this usually happens when a complaint or complaints are made against the product.

Many countries have banned animal testing because it is unnecessary today, given the vast amount of technology we have at our disposal. There are many alternatives to animal testing today.

The People’s Republic of China, however, still cling to animal testing, and that is why a lot of companies have refused to sell their products in the country until they change their animal testing laws.

Does Davidoff have any Cruelty-free Certifications?

We looked for any certifications that are cruelty-free that Davidoff has, but we did not find any. The company tries its products on animals and allows its laws or regulatory body to do the same.

On PETA’s website, they are on the ‘companies that test on animals’ list. We do not think Davidoff has any cruelty-free certifications from well-known animal rights organizations.

Does Davidoff have a Parent Company?

Davidoff is part of the Zino Davidoff Group, which is a Swiss family business. The Zino Davidoff Group produces products like leather goods, writing instruments, watches, coffee, and fashion accessories.

Their products are available all over the world.

Are Davidoff products Vegan?

For a product to be considered vegan, the formulations, ingredients, and final products have to be free from animal-derived ingredients, including the by-products like beeswax and honey.

If a product is vegan friendly, it is also cruelty-free as getting ingredients from animals is a form of animal cruelty.

Davidoff products are not 100 percent cruelty-free; some of them contain animal-derived ingredients or by-products. When looking to purchase their products, look out for the ingredients list usually found on the product.

If you are shopping online and cannot physically access the product, you can look it up and a list of its ingredients to see what it contains.

You can also check for certifications the brand may have. However, make sure they are from well-known animal rights organizations if they have any.


Davidoff is a Swiss-based company known for its fragrances, good leather coffee, and fashion accessories.

PETA recognizes the company as not cruelty-free as they test their products on animals or allow regulatory bodies or country’s law to perform animal tests to confirm their safety.

Davidoff products are not 100 percent cruelty-free; some of them contain animal-derived ingredients. They are not cruelty-free certified by any well-known animal rights organization.