Is Dermalogica Cruelty-Free and Vegan?

Quick Answer: Is Dermalogica Cruelty Free and Vegan?

Dermalogica products are cruelty free because they do not test any of their products or ingredients on animals during manufacturing or distribution. They don’t authorize any third-party testing, and they don’t sell their products in mainland China. Checking through the list of Dermalogica skincare products, only five products are non-vegan; thus, highlighting their commitment towards making mainly vegan products.

Dermalogica skincare has been operating as world-class, professional-grade skincare solution provider since 1986. Unilever later acquired the brand in 2015 but retains the ethical and product value of the original company.

The cosmetic industry is experiencing a significant change. More buyers are now paying considerable attention to the testing policy of their favorite brands.

If you are wondering if Dermalogica skincare is cruelty free and vegan, you are not alone. We have made a thorough analysis of this brand, and you will have your answer in this article.

Is Dermalogica Cruelty Free?

A product that is certified as cruelty free must meet up with specific considerations, which we duly consider for Dermalogica skin care products.

  • The products or any of its ingredients must not be tested on animals even when requested by law
  • Should not be sold in mainland China
  • Should not allow any third-party testing of their products or its ingredients on animals

Are Dermalogica Products Tested On Animals?

Dermalogica skincare does not test any of their products or ingredients on animals.

They do not permit any animal-testing at all points during the manufacturing, development, and distribution of their products. Likewise, they do not allow any third-party testing.

Source: Dermalogica Website

This statement translates to the fact that they do not engage themselves in any animal testing, and they are proud of their contribution to helping a sustainable planet.

The statement also reiterates the company’s commitment to reaching a 90% recyclable goal by 2020. Overall, Dermalogica is a brand that is committed to the sustainability of the planet.

Do they test animals when required by law? Or use a third party?

Dermalogica does not test their product on animals even when the law requests them to do so. Despite selling the company to Unilever in 2015, they still maintain their “no animal testing” policy.

The firm stands of Dermalogica against animal testing regardless of the law is one of the primary reasons why they don’t sell their products in mainland China where the law requests that all cosmetics products be tested on animals.

Likewise, Dermalogica does not use any third-party testing; neither do they authorize their retailers to test their products. Similarly, they don’t permit any form of third-party testing even by their ingredient suppliers.

Are Dermalogica products sold in China?

Dermalogica does not sell its products in mainland China because animal testing is required by law in China. This company is firm in their stand against animal testing, and they prefer to opt-out of the Chinese market.

They neither submit nor pay for their product to be tested on animals in China.

Does Dermalogica have Cruelty free accreditations Certifications?

Going by all standards and criteria, Dermalogica has some cruelty free certifications.

Source: Dermalogica Website

Dermalogica is certified by PETA AND LEAPING BUNNY. This certification means that this company does not test their products or ingredients on animals at any phase of their production processes.

Is Dermalogica Parent company Unilever Cruelty-free?

Dermalogica Skincare was launched in 1886 by Jane and Raymond Wurwand. In 2015, Unilever acquired this company and took over its operation.

Unilever is not cruelty free because they permit animal testing when requested by law. Nevertheless, this does not change the standing policy of Dermalogica against animal testing even after being acquired by Unilever.

Is Dermalogica Vegan?

Vegan products are products that do not contain any animal ingredients or animal-derived ingredients. Dermalogica skincare products are vegan-friendly.

Interestingly only five of their products are not vegan, despite having a long list of products. The few non-vegan products contain ingredients like silk amino acid, beeswax, honey, and pearl derivatives.

Source: Dermalogica Website

Dermalogica skincare has a vegan certification. Nevertheless, this company is certified vegan because a larger percentage of their product is vegan.

It is easier to get familiar with Dermalogica’s five non-vegan products than mastering their long product list. The five non-vegan Dermalogica skincare products are;

  • Active Moist (contains silk amino acids)
  • Skin Perfect Primer SPF30 (contains hydrolyzed pearl and silk amino acids)
  • Soothing Eye Makeup Remover (contains silk amino acids)
  • Sheer Tint SPF20 (contains hydrolyzed pearl and silk amino acids)
  • MultiVitamin Power Serum (contains beeswax)


Dermalogica is one of the most environmentally conscious manufacturers of various skincare products.

Despite being acquired by a non-cruelty free parent company (Unilever), they still maintain their stance against animal testing; thus, earning a cruelty free certification.

Dermalogica also has vegan certification, with most of its products being vegan.