Is Dr. Brandt Skincare Cruelty-Free and Vegan?

Quick Answer: Is Dr. Brandt Skincare Cruelty-Free and Vegan?

Dr. Brandt Skincare is not cruelty-free. They claim not to test their products on animals themselves. However, they allow government officials to do so on their behalf in some foreign countries where they sell. They also claim to be vegan and do minimize the use of harmful chemicals such as parabens in their formulation.

Dr. Brandt Skincare was started by Dr. Sheldon Brandt in New York City in 2000. The founder was known for breaking boundaries and coming up with solutions that produce instant results.

The brand was the first to launch in-house treatment solutions such as laser peel. A vast majority of their products focus on skin repair and serve as an anti-aging solution for older women.

Their catalog includes serums, dark spot removals, and pore treatments, among others.

Is Dr. Brandt Skincare Cruelty-Free?

Dr. Brandt Skincare claims that they’re cruelty-free because they don’t test on animals themselves. While they may not test on animals themselves, they do allow government authorities in some areas they sell to test their products.

For doing so, they’re not cruelty-free since the law states that a cruelty-free brand must not test on animals under any conditions. And this includes using third-parties and government authorities.

Are Dr. Brandt Skin Care products tested on Animals?

Dr. Brandt Skincare did put up more than a one-line sentence on their FAQ session to explain their testing policy, and here’s the reply they gave.

Source: Dr. Brandt Website

This claim is misleading since they allow the government in some countries to test on Dr. Brandt Skincare products.

Brands who intend to remain cruelty-free resist such situations by keeping their products off such areas or pulling it off the market.

Do they Test Animals when required by the law?

Yes, they do test on animals when required by law. They admitted in their FAQ session that even though they’ve never tested their products on animals, the government in some places where they sell do carry out this exercise.

Are Dr. Brandt Skincare products sold in China?

We had a hard time locating a legitimate online store that sells their products. Hence, we had to use their store locator to see if there’s any physical store that sells their products in the area.

We found a couple of them around Jiangsu. There’s no argument or doubt that they indeed sell in the area.

Source: Dr. Brandt Website

Does Dr. Brandt Skincare have Cruelty free Certifications?

Dr. Brandt Skincare doesn’t have a good record among cruelty-free authorities. The brand isn’t certified cruelty-free by the three known cruelty-free authorities.

This includes PETA, Leaping Bunny, and Choose cruelty-free.

On PETA’s database, they’re labeled as a brand that carries out animal testing.

Source: Peta Website

Is Dr. Brandt Skincare Owned by another Company?

Brandt Skincare doesn’t have any parent company. Their activities are handled by the company’s executive. Their decision to sell in China wasn’t influenced by any parent company.

Is Dr. Brandt Skincare Products Vegan?

It’s highly unlikely that a brand that tests on animals will be vegan. Dr. Brandt Skincare has proven to be an exception. 90% of their products are vegan.

The only exception is their Biotic collection, which contains Probiotics.

Source: Dr. Brandt Website

They aim to eliminate the use of toxic chemicals and instead embrace a clean production process that’s free from sulfate, gluten, or paraben. Listed below are some of their vegan products.

  • Dark spot no more
  • Do not age with Dr. Brandt collection
  • Needless no more collection
  • Pores no more collection
  • Ultimate age-defying solution
  • Festive and flawless kit


Dr. Brandt Skincare products contain organic ingredients and, as such, won’t have damning consequences on your skin.

For a complete vegan-friendly option, we urge you to look past their Biotic collection, and you would have no trouble making the right pick.