Is La Mer Cruelty-free and Vegan?

Quick Answer: Is La Mer Cruelty-free and Vegan?

No, La Mer is not cruelty-free because their products are tested on animals. The company sells its products in the People’s Republic of China, where all cosmetic products are required by law to be tested on animals. Their products are also not 100 percent vegan as they contain animal-derived ingredients. La Mer is also not certified by PETA.

La Mer is a cosmetic company that sells luxurious, high-quality fragrances and skincare. The company is headquartered in Cuxhaven, Germany, where all their products are made in their in-house laboratory.

Their parent company is Estee Lauder. The company is especially known for its luxurious moisturizer Crème de la Mer that is known to help heal dryness and keep the skin moisturized all day.

Is La Mer Cruelty-free?

No, La Mer is not cruelty-free. A few years ago, customers had no way of finding out if a product or a brand was cruelty-free.

They relied on the companies’ official statement, which was sometimes vague, inaccurate, or even not there.

Today you can find out the cruelty-free status of a product using a few criteria. The following are the criteria we are referring to, which will be used to find out the cruelty-free status of La Mer.

  • The company does not test its products, ingredients, or formulations on animals
  • Their ingredients should not have any traces of animal products
  • The company does not allow third-parties to test their products on their behalf
  • They do not sell their products in China
  • Their products are not available in countries where the law demands animal testing

After we carried out in-depth research on La Mer, we concluded that their products are being tested on animals.

They also contained animal-derived ingredients, and since they sell their products in China, they are tested on animals before being approved and released into the market.

Are La Mer Products tested on animals?

La Mer products are not tested on animals, and the company does not allow third-parties to do so on their behalf. The following is a statement from their email when they were asked if they tested on animals:

Source: La Mer Website

La Mer claims they don’t test their products on animals; however when the law or a regulatory body demands it, they allow them to.

This usually means that the company markets its products in the People’s Republic of China, where animal testing is a must.

Estee Lauder, La Mer’s parent company, is known to pay for their products tested in China by Chinese authorities.

Source: Peta Website

Are La Mer products sold in China?

Yes, their products are sold in China. For cosmetic products, this usually means that they are required to be tested on animals first before being released to the public.

This is usually done to ensure that they are safe for human use, even if animals are harmed in the process.

La Mer allows and pays the Chinese authorities to conduct these tests.

Cosmetic products sold in China are not cruelty-free. There are companies that have refused to sell their products in China because of their animal testing laws.

La Mer, however, do not; they put their high profits before the welfare of animals.

Does La Mer have cruelty-free Certifications?

We doubt they do. After looking them up on PETA’s website, we found out the company tests its products on animals.

It is very unlikely that La Mer has been verified by any well-known official animal’s right cruelty-free organization.

Source: Peta Website

Is La Mer owned by another company?

Yes, La Mer is owned by a parent company which is Estee Lauder. It was founded by the Lauder brothers in 1946, and their headquarters are located in New York City, in the United States.

They are known for their other brands like Clinique, Michael Kors Beauty, Aerin, MAC cosmetics, and Aramis.

Are La Mer products Vegan?

No La Mer products are not vegan since the company uses some animal-derived ingredients during production. For a product to be vegan, it needs to be free from any animal-derived ingredients.

Some companies do not produce a full list of their ingredients, so you need to look out for products that claim to be vegan when they are not.

The same case applies to cruelty-free products. Look out for official certifications from well-known animal rights organizations such as PETA and Leaping Bunny.


The products produced by La Mer are amazing; however, they cause a great deal of harm to animals.

In China, where the company sells its products, animals suffer in laboratories while they are tested on to make sure the products are safe for human use.

This is not fair, which is why some companies refuse to sell their products in China. We can only hope La Mer will do the same in the near future.