Is Laneige Cruelty Free and Vegan?

Quick Answer : Is Laneige Cruelty Free and Vegan?

Laneige is not a cruelty free brand because they test their products on animals when requested by law, and they sell their products in mainland China. Although Laneige claims to be 100% vegan, this claim is still in doubt due to their cruelty free practice. As a result, Laneige has no vegan or cruelty free accreditation certification.

Laneige is a South Korean Cosmetics brand headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. This brand was launched in 1994 by its parent brand, Amore Pacific. 

Concerns about animal rights and the need for a sustainable ecosystem are among the top trending topics around the world over the past decade. One of the primary focuses is the cosmetic industry.

Hence, people now take a critical look into the testing policy and ingredients list of various manufacturing brands, particularly in the cosmetics and personal care industry.

If you are interested in the testing policy and ingredient list of Laneige, we share your worries. This article will provide an insight into the vegan status and ingredient list of this brand. 

Is Laneige Cruelty Free

Before a company or brand can be considered cruelty free, it must meet specific criteria and standards. Laneige has been evaluated based on these factors to determine if they are cruelty free. 

Are Laneige Products Tested on Animals? 

Although Laneige claims that they don’t directly test their products on animals, they will allow animal testing when required by law.

So, Yes, Laneige products are tested on animals in regions where the law demands animal tests.

Source : AMOREPACIFIC Website

Laneige does not have a concrete animal testing policy on its official website.

All evidence points to the fact that Laneige follows the animal testing policy of its parent brand.

The statement above is the animal testing report of Amore Pacific, which is Laneige’s parent brand. 

Do They Test Animals When Required By Law? Or Use A Third Party? 

Yes, Laneige allows animal testing on their products when requested by law for safety and regulation purposes. This act is one of the key reasons why Laneige is not considered a cruelty free brand. 

Laneige states it clearly that it does not authorize random or allow unnecessary animal tests on their products. It also extends this policy to its ingredient suppliers and other partner companies.

The only third-party allowed to carry out animal testing on Laneige’s products are authorities and law. 

Are Laneige Products Sold In China? 

Yes. Laneige makes its products available for sale in retail and wholesale stores in mainland China.

They submit and pay for their products to be tested on animals by health law in China. 

Source : AMOREPACIFIC Website

What’s the deal in China? Chinese health laws mandate animal tests on all imported beauty and cosmetic products.

The country demands this test to ensure the safety and efficacy of these products.

This act is against the cruelty free standards; hence, any beauty brand that sells its product in mainland China is not considered a cruelty free brand. 

Does Laneige Have Cruelty Free Accreditation Certification?

Laneige is one of the brands that doesn’t have any cruelty free certification because of their practices. The brand does not have an official accreditation because it fails to meet crucial cruelty free standards. 

They test their products on animals when requested by law.

Likewise, the decision to sell its products in mainland China, a region where animal testing is required for imported cosmetic and personal care products, is another reason for their non-cruelty free accreditation. 

Is Laneige Parent Company Amore Pacific Cruelty Free? 

Amore Pacific launched Laneige in 1994. This parent brand is not cruelty free, and Laneige has the same animal testing policy as its parent brand. Both brands will test their products on animals when requested by law. 

Is Laneige Vegan? 

Vegan products are products that do not contain animal materials or animal-derived ingredients. Although Laneige claims to be 100% vegan, this stand is a little bit controversial.

It is best to check through the ingredient list of any product you intend to buy to ascertain its vegan status. 

Laneige does not have a vegan certification. Some individuals do not acknowledge Laneige products as vegan options because of their cruelty free status. 


Laneige is not a cruelty free brand because it allows its product to be tested on animals when requested by law.

It follows the animal testing policy of its parent brand, Amore Pacific.

The vegan status of Laneige is somewhat controversial; hence, they neither have vegan nor cruelty free certification.