Is Marc Jacobs Beauty Cruelty-Free and Vegan?

Quick Answer: Is Marc Jacobs Beauty Cruelty-Free and Vegan?

Yes, Marc Jacobs is cruelty-free, as they do not test any of their products on animals. Their products are also not sold in the People’s Republic of China, where animal testing is compulsory. However, Marc Jacobs Beauty products contain animal-derived ingredients like carmine and beeswax, so they are not 100% vegan.

Marc Jacobs Beauty is a cosmetics company located at 425 Market Street, 19th Floor, San Francisco, California. Their products are available in Sephora stores and online. LVMH owns Marc Jacobs Beauty.

Many of our readers have been recently asking about the cruelty-free status of Marc Jacobs Beauty. To answer your questions, we went ahead and researched the brand.

Is Marc Jacobs Beauty cruelty-free? Keep reading to find out the details.

Is Marc Jacobs Beauty Cruelty-Free?

Yes, Marc Jacobs is cruelty-free. For a company to be considered cruelty-free, there are specific requirements they are supposed to meet.

We have listed the mentioned requirements below, and we will analyze them individually to determine the brand’s actual cruelty-free status.

  • Products should not be tested on animals at any point, even when the law requires it
  • Products should not be sold in stores in the People’s Republic of China

Are Marc Jacobs Beauty Products Tested On Animals?

No, Marc Jacobs Beauty products are cruelty-free. They are not tested on animals.

Source: Marc Jacobs Beauty Website

PETA has certified Marc Jacobs Beauty as a company that does not test on animals. They are strict about their animal testing policies.

Marc Jacobs Beauty does not test their ingredients, formulations, or final products on animals.

Does Marc Jacobs Beauty Test Their Products On Animals When the Law Requires It?

No, Marc Jacobs doesn’t test their products on animals under any circumstances, nor do they allow third parties or suppliers to test on their behalf.

When a regulatory body or a country’s law requires them to test on animals to sell in their country, Marc Jacobs Beauty decides not to sell in that country.

Is Marc Jacobs Beauty Sold In China?

No, Marc Jacobs Beauty is not sold in China. For cosmetic products to be sold in stores in the People’s Republic of China, Chinese authorities test them on animals to ensure they are safe.

The laws also allow for post-market testing. Post-market testing refers to when a product is taken off shelves to be re-tested on animals when a complaint is issued against it.

Despite many countries banning animal testing, China still does it. There are many alternative methods of ensuring a product is safe other than torturing animals in laboratories.

Many companies like Marc Jacobs Beauty refuse to sell in the People’s Republic of China because of this law. Simply put, companies that sell their products in the People’s Republic of China are not cruelty-free.

Does Marc Jacobs Beauty Have Cruelty-Free Certifications?

Marc Jacobs Beauty is certified by PETA. Being certified by PETA means that the company signed and adheres to PETA’s cruelty-free standards.

They pledge not to commission or conduct animal tests on ingredients, formulations, and finished products.

The company also promises not to engage in animal testing in the future.

Source: Peta Website

Is Marc Jacobs Beauty’s Parent Company Cruelty-Free?

Marc Jacobs is owned by LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy). LVMH is a multinational corporation based in France. The company was founded in 1987 by Alain Chevalier and Henry Racamier.

The brand has about 60 subsidiaries that have several brands. These subsidiaries are usually run independently. LVMH owns brands like Cova, Connaissance des Arts, Loro Piana, Newton Vineyard, and many more.

However, the company is not cruelty-free. Their products are sold in countries where their products are tested on animals. LVMH also engages in the fur trade, where animals are killed for their fur and hair.

The brands that are not cruelty-free sell their products in China, where animals are subjected to animal testing.

Source: LVHM

Is Marc Jacobs Beauty Vegan?

For a product to be considered vegan, the ingredients and formulations have to be free from animal-derived ingredients from the development stage to the final step.

This also includes by-products like beeswax and honey. Vegan products are also cruelty-free, as getting ingredients from animals is a form of animal cruelty.

Unfortunately, Marc Jacobs is not 100% vegan. Some of its products contain ingredients from animals like carmine and beeswax. The following are some of the vegan options they have:

  • Gel Eye Crayon Blacquer
  • Gel Eye Crayon Cocoa
  • Gel Eye Crayon Tone
  • Velvet Noir
  • At Lash’D Blacquer
  • Epic Lash Primer


Marc Jacobs Beauty is a cruelty-free cosmetics company based in San Francisco. Animal testing is against its policy, and they do not test their products on animals regardless of the circumstances.

Marc Jacobs Beauty does not sell in the People’s Republic of China, where animal testing is compulsory. Some of their products contain animal-derived ingredients, but they have vegan options.