Is OUAI Cruelty Free and Vegan?

Quick Answer : Is OUAI Cruelty Free and Vegan?

OUAI is a cruelty free haircare brand. The company does not carry out any form of animal testing on their products; neither authorizes any third-party to test on their behalf. Consequently, they don’t sell their products in mainland China. OUAI is not 100% vegan because some of their products contain animal-derived ingredients such as beeswax and fish oil.

OUAI is a Los Angeles based haircare brand that was founded by celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkins in 2016. This brand has maintained steady growth since then, and it is considered one of the fastest-growing haircare brands in the United States. 

The cosmetic and skincare industry has attracted several attentions due to its ingredients and animal testing policy.

Many concerned individuals, including buyers and potential buyers, are interested in the animal-testing policy and animal-derived ingredients in various beauty brands.

We have made a thorough analysis of OUAI to ascertain if they are vegan and cruelty free. 

Is OUAI Cruelty Free

A brand that would be certified as cruelty free must meet specific criteria and standards.

We have duly considered these standards and criteria for OUAI haircare brand. 

  • Their products or any of its ingredients must not be tested on animals even when requested by law
  • None of their products should be sold in mainland China 
  • They should not allow any third-party testing of their products or its ingredients on animals

Are OUAI Products Tested On Animals? 

OUAI do not test their products on animals anywhere globally; neither do they permit any third party to carry out animal testing on their behalf.

Likewise, they do not retail their product in any region where animal testing is mandated.

Source : OUAI Website

Above is the statement of OUAI on their animal testing policy and status.

They affirm that they do not incorporate any form of animal testing during the manufacture, production, and distribution of their products.

They also clarify that they do not permit third-party testing of any form; hence, they stay off the retail and wholesale market in areas where animal testing is mandatory for beauty products. 

Do they test animals when required by law? Or use a third party? 

OUAI do not test their products or any of its ingredients on animals even when required by law.

They prefer to stay away from wholesale and retail markets in countries where health law demands animal testing for cosmetic products. 

Similarly, OUAI neither uses nor permits any form of third party testing anywhere in the world.

They ensure full compliance with all cruelty free standards by not allowing or using a third party to test their products or their ingredients on animals. 

Are OUAI Products Sold In China 

China health laws require that all cosmetic products must undergo animal testing to ascertain their safety.

This stand is against the animal testing policy of OUAI; hence, they don’t sell their products in mainland China.

OUAI products are neither available in wholesale or retail anywhere in mainland China. 

Does OUAI Have Cruelty Free Accreditation Certification? 

No, OUAI is yet to have any cruelty free accreditation.

Nevertheless, they are uncompromising about their cruelty free standards, and they are relentless in their efforts to maintain a cruelty free status. 

Is OUAI Owned by Another Company? 

OUAI is an independent company founded by Jen Atkins in 2016. However, there are similar branches in other locations like OUAI FZE in Dubai. 

Is OUAI Vegan?

Vegan products are products that don’t contain any animal ingredients or animal-derived ingredients.

Although OUAI is vegan-friendly, this brand not 100% vegan.

Some of their products contain animal-derived ingredients like beeswax. Their supplements also contain fish oil, which is also animal-derived. 

OUAI does not have any vegan certification. Nevertheless, they still have a list of vegan products, which includes; 

  • Air Dry Foam
  • After Sun Body Soother
  • Anti-Frizz Sheet
  • Body Cleanser
  • Body Crème
  • Dry Shampoo
  • Dry Shampoo Foam
  • Dry Texture Foam
  • Hair and Body Shine Mist
  • Hair Oil
  • Medium Hair Spray
  • Memory Mist
  • Scalp and Body Scrub
  • Texturizing Hair Spray
  • Volumizing Hair Spray
  • Volume Spray

It is best to check through the ingredient list of any product you are buying to ascertain if it is vegan or not. 


OUAI is a fast-growing cruelty-free brand.

They do not carry out animal testing on their products, and they do not permit any third party to do so on their behalf.

They are not 100% vegan as some of their products contain animal-derived ingredients such as beeswax and fish oil.

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