Is Perricone MD Cruelty Free and Vegan?

Quick Answer : Is Perricone MD Cruelty Free and Vegan?

Perricone MD is cruelty free because they do not test any of their products or ingredients on animals before or during manufacturing or distribution. They don’t authorize any third-party testing; hence, they don’t sell their products in mainland China. Perricone MD products are not 100% vegan because some of their products contain animal-derived ingredients.

Perricone MD is a cosmetic company founded in 1997 by Dr. Nicholas Perricone, a renowned dermatologist. This company aims at making quality cosmetic products available at the most affordable cost. 

Perricone MD claims to be eco-conscious in the manufacture of their cosmetic products. But with the increasing concerns about the ingredients list and testing policy of many cosmetic brands, many buyers and prospective buyers want to know more.

If you are curious to know about Perricone MD’s vegan and cruelty free status, we share your worries. We have made a thorough analysis of this brand, and you will have your answer in this article.

Is Perricone MD Cruelty Free?

A cosmetics brand that would be certified as cruelty free must meet specific criteria and standards. We have duly considered these standards and criteria for Perricone MD. 

  • Their products or any of its ingredients must not be tested on animals even when requested by law
  • Their products should not be sold in mainland China 
  • They should not allow any third-party testing of their products or its ingredients on animals

Are Perricone MD Products Tested On Animals? 

Perricone MD does not test any of their products or ingredients on animals during or after manufacturing, development, and distribution.

Source : The Hut Website

The above statement is the official statement of Perricone MD about their cruelty free status.

The company affirms that they don’t carry out any form of animal testing on their products; neither do they allow any third party to test on their behalf.

Likewise, they stated that their products are not available in wholesales in China, where animal testing is required. Instead, their products are shipped directly to interested customers without having to test on animals. 

Do they test animals when required by law? Or use a third party? 

Perricone MD does not test their product on animals even when requested by law.

They maintain their firm anti-animal testing policy and stay off regions that mandate animal testing on cosmetic products.

They do not allow any third-party testing and this is why they ship their products directly to their customers so as to avoid any testing by suppliers or distributors. 

Are Perricone MD products sold in China?

All cosmetic products that are available in stores or wholesales in China are required to undergo animal testing.

Perricone MD neither submits nor pays for their products to be tested on animals; hence, they don’t sell their products in stores or wholesalers in mainland China.

However, they sell through cross border e-commerce channels to China, but animal testing is not required for these products. 

Does Perricone MD have Cruelty free accreditations certifications?

Unfortunately, Perricone MD does not have any cruelty free accreditation certification despite their relentless effort to maintain a cruelty free status.

Nevertheless, this lack of cruelty free accreditation certification does not undermine the company’s anti-animal testing standards. 

Is Perricone MD Parent Company The Hut Group Cruelty Free?

The Hut Group is the parent company of Perricone MD.

This company is also cruelty free as they do not support animal testing in any way. Like Perricone MD, The Hut Group does not test their products on animals; neither do they allow any third party to try on their behalf. 

IS Perricone MD Vegan?

Vegan products are products that do not contain any animal ingredients or animal-derived ingredients.

Perricone MD is not 100% vegan as some of their products contain certain animal-derived ingredients.

Nevertheless, they still have a long list of vegan options. It is best to check through the ingredient list of any product you are buying to ascertain its vegan status. 

Perricone MD does not have a vegan certification, but they still have an extensive list of vegan products, which include;


· Easy Rinse Makeup-Removing Cleanser

· Gentle Cleanser

· Micellar Cleansing Treatment

· Nutritive Cleanser

Eye Treatments

· Advanced Eye Cream

· Brightening Eye Serum

· De-Puffing Eye Gel Duo

· Firming & Illuminating Under-Eye Cream

· Firming Eye Cream

· Firming Eye Lift


· Face Finishing & Firming Moisturizer

· Face Finishing & Firming Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30

· Firming Moisturizer

· Hyaluronic Intensive Moisturizer

· Hydrating Cloud Cream

· Intensive Overnight Moisturizer

· Nourishing Moisturizer

· Rejuvenating Moisturizer

No Makeup Skincare

· Blush

· Bronzer Broad Spectrum SPF 15

· Easy Rinse Makeup-Removing Cleanser

· Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 20

· Foundation Serum Broad Spectrum SPF 20

· Highlighter

· Instant Blur

Exfoliators & Toners

· DMAE Firming Pads

· Exfoliating Peel

· Micellar Cleansing Treatment


· Advanced Serum Concentrate

· Brightening Amine Face Lift

· Brightening Serum

· Cold Plasma Plus+ CBD Advanced Serum Concentrate

· Face Firming Serum

· Facial Cream

· Intensive Brightening Regimen 15%

· Night Cream

· Smoothing Facial Conformer


Perricone MD is a cruelty free eco-friendly cosmetic brand that is owned by a cruelty free parent company.

This company and its parent brand do not involve in animal testing of any form.

However, they are not 100% vegan as some of their products contain animal-derived ingredients.