Is Redken Cruelty Free and Vegan?

Quick Answer : Is Redken Cruelty Free and Vegan?

Redken is not a cruelty free brand. Although Redken claims not to carry out the animal test, they allow animal testing when required by law. They sell their products in mainland China. Redken is owned by L’Oréal, a parent brand that also non-cruelty free. Likewise, Redken is not a 100% vegan brand because some of its products contain animal-derived ingredients. 

Redken is an American hair care brand that started sales in 1960. The brand has its headquarters in New York City, USA, and the brand is reputable for offering high-quality hair care products. 

The cosmetic industry has been under scrutiny in recent times due to the advocacy for animal protection and animal rights.

There is increasing interest in the ingredient lists and testing policy of various cosmetic and human care products. If you are wondering if Redken is cruelty free and vegan, you are not alone.

We have made a thorough analysis of this brand, and you will have your answer in this article.

Is Redken Cruelty Free?

A brand that would be certified as cruelty free must meet specific standards and criteria. We duly consider these factors for Redken to establish their cruelty free status. 

Are Redken Products Tested On Animals? 

Redken does subject their products to animal tests when requested by law and authorities.

Although they claim not to have stopped animal tests on their products and ingredients, they still allow regulatory law authorities to test their products on animals when the law requests it. 

Source : Redken Website

Redken does not have a concrete animal testing policy on their website, which is not a good indication. However, they have nothing to hide about following their parent brand’s animal testing legacy, L’Oréal.

The brand made it clear on its website that it does not independently carry out animal testing on its products but permits law and regulatory authorities to do so when it is mandatory. 

Do they test animals when required by law? Or use a third party? 

Redken allows animal tests on their products when requested by law. Despite claims that they do not test the products on animals by themselves, they allow these tests when requested by law. 

Similarly, the brand does not permit random animal tests on their products. But they allow third-party testing by health authorities or other regulatory bodies. 

Are Redken products sold in China?

Redken hair care plies its trade in various retail and whole stores in mainland China. They compromise their cruelty free standards by submitting and paying for their products tested on animals by Chinese health authorities. 

Source : Lorealchina Website

What is the deal in China? Chinese health laws mandate animal tests on all imported beauty and cosmetic products.

The country demands this test to ensure the safety and efficacy of these products.

This act is against the cruelty free standards; hence, any beauty brand that sells its product in mainland China is not considered a cruelty free brand. 

Does Redken have Cruelty free accreditations certifications?

Redken is not certified to be cruelty free by any official or accreditation body.

They are not approved because they fail to meet some of the criteria for these accreditations. First, the brand allows their products to be tested on animals when requested by law.

Secondly, their products are sold in mainland China where animal tests are mandatory for all imported human care products. 

Is Redken Parent company L’Oréal Cruelty Free? 

Both Redken and their parent company L’Oréal share a similar animal testing policy. L’Oréal permits animal testing when requested by law; hence, this brand is not cruelty free, and Redken is also in the same category. 

Is Redken Vegan?

Vegan products are products that are devoid of any animal ingredients or animal-derived ingredients.

Redken hair care products are not 100% vegan because some of them contain animal-derived ingredients.

Some individuals do not regard any Redken products as vegan since they test their products on animals.  

Redken have no vegan certification. It is best to go through the ingredient list of any product you intend to buy to ascertain its vegan status. 


Redken is not a cruelty free brand because they allow animal tests on their products when requested by law just like their parent company, L’Oréal. They also sell their products in mainland China. Consequently, Redken is neither certified vegan nor cruelty free.