Is Too Faced Cruelty Free and Vegan?

Quick Answer : Is Too Faced Cruelty Free and Vegan?

Too Faced is a cruelty free brand that is certified by PETA. The company does not test any of their products, formulations, or ingredients on animals during manufacturing or distribution. They don’t authorize any third-party testing; hence, they don’t sell their products in mainland China. However, Too Faced products are not 100% vegan even though they have a long list of vegan products.

Too Faced is an innovative beauty brand with high-quality products. The company was founded in 1998 and has since maintained a standard reputation as a top beauty brand

Too Faced has a standard reputation as a beauty brand. Nevertheless, many users and potential users might still have specific questions about this brand, particularly about their cruelty free and vegan status.

We have made a thorough analysis of this brand, and you will have your answer in this article.

Is Too Faced Cruelty Free?

A brand that would be certified or referred to as cruelty free must meet specific criteria and standards, which we duly consider for Too Faced products. 

  • Their products or any of its ingredients must not be tested on animals even when requested by law
  • Their products should not be sold in mainland China 
  • They should not allow any third-party testing of their products or its ingredients on animals

Are Too Faced Products Tested On Animals? 

Too Faced does not test any of their products or ingredients on animals during manufacturing, development, and distribution.

Source : Too Faced Cosmetics Website

Although this company does not have a precise statement about its testing policy, the above report confirms that it does not test its products or ingredients on animals.

I establish that the brand has never been cruel and will never be. Their operations reflect the fact that the brand is committed to cruelty free beauty. 

Do they test animals when required by law? Or use a third party? 

Too Faced does not test their product on animals even when requested by law.

The company has a firm stand against animal testing regardless of what the law says.

Consequently, the brand keeps its products off the regions where animal testing is mandated by law. 

Similarly, they don’t permit any form of third-party testing even by their ingredient suppliers or distributors. 

Are Too Faced products sold in China?

Too Faced does not sell its products in mainland China because animal testing is required by law in China.

The mandatory testing policy on beauty products is against this brand’s ethical practice; hence, they prefer to keep their products away from mainland China. 

Does Too Faced have Cruelty Free accreditations certifications?

This brand ensures that their cruelty free stand reflects in all their activities; hence the brand has been deservedly certified cruelty free.

Source : PETA Website

Too Faced is certified by PETA BEAUTY WITHOUT BUNNIES. This certification means that this company does not test their products or ingredients on animals at any phase of their production processes. 

Is Too Faced Parent Company Estee Lauder Cruelty Free?

Too Faced is owned by Estee Lauder after its successful acquisition in 2016. Estee Lauder is a corporation that tests on animals when required by law.

Nevertheless, Too Faced still maintains its cruelty free operation despite being a subsidiary of a brand that tests on animals. 

Is Too Faced Vegan?

Vegan products are products that do not contain any animal ingredients or animal-derived ingredients. Too Faced products are vegan-friendly.

Nevertheless, the brand is not 100% vegan because some of its products have some animal-derived elements. 

Too Faced does not have a vegan certification. However, the brand has a lot of vegan options in different product categories.

Too Faced offers vegan products in categories including primers, bronzer, highlighter, blush, powder, sprays, Eyes products, Lips products, and brushes. 

Examples of Too Faced vegan products are; 

  • Diamond Light Highlighting Brush (Brushes)
  • Mr. Perfect Foundation Brush (Brushes)
  • Dew You Fresh Glow Setting Powder (Powder)
  • Pineapple Paradise Highlighter and Bronzer (Primer)
  • Born This Way Pressed Powder Foundation (Foundation and Concealer)


Too Faced is a cruelty free brand despite being owned by a non-cruelty free parent brand.

This company is certified as cruelty free by PETA beauty without bunnies and does not sell its products in mainland China.

However, the brand is not 100% vegan despite having a long list of vegan products. 

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